Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quick thoughts on that Friday the 13th "remake" or whatever it's supposed to be.

I saw it twice, couldn't help it.

The first time I saw it, on opening day, of course, was at a theater which I thought I could trust. But no, the projection quality sucked ass and there was a complete lack of surround sound. Almost like 80% of the speakers in the theater I saw it at weren't working. Guess I should've said fuck it and complained right then and there, talked to a manager or whatever, I just didn't feel like it. God forbid I want to just sit and enjoy a movie.

Anyways the second time I saw it was at a local theater with way better sound and a bigger screen, with better projection. And since the movie takes place mostly in the dark, you want to see what the hell is going on. Too bad the improvement in the theater going experience didn't make for a better movie.

So yes, I thought it sucked. It was bad, terrible...whatever.

And thankfully, most respectful people & critics agree with me.

Sure, there was some boobies, a few nice kills, and Jason looked cool, but I couldn't help but be completely annoyed by most of the cast. And Jason too, actually. And just when the fuck does Jason take somebody hostage instead of killing them?

I want to go into so many reasons why I didn't like this one, but I won't. And no, I won't go into a long rant on why Michael Bay sucks and why he should stop Platinum Dunes from remaking any more classics. Please, Michael Bay, please stop remaking classic horror movies. Not only is it stupid, and are you stupid, but please just quit it already.

Nobody could have possibly liked the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Amityville Horror, and Hitcher remakes. They were all horrible. Yes I watched each one but only so I could honestly have an opinion without being a douche.

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