Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fiendster Flyer!

Drew this recently to help promote my buddy Charlie Fleming's new social networking site for horror fans, which you can find at, which I highly recommend you become a part of...if not, I might send a flying demonic skull-headed creature after you to bite your nipples off.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Final Cover for the "Big Ass Book of Gross Movie Reviews"

Here it is, in all it's glory, and out now for you to purchase! And while I haven't had the chance yet to hold the final, printed copy in my hands, Gross assured me that it's heavy enough to kill a zombie with.

So I think that this book may end up being more important than the bible, especially if there ever is a zombie apocalypse!

B&W Art for the DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR! dvd

Here's the b&w version, sans color...for some reason I prefer my drawings without color, I just like to stare at plain old drawings but all the cool kids like their stuff colored.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DOUBLE DOSE OF TERROR! dvd cover art I did

This is an indy flick that my buddy Michael MagGot just put out, and this is the artwork I did with help from my wife Romina (since I'm an idiot and need help with Photoshop...I just like to draw:), for a very limited edition of this anthology flick, originally done for Shock Stock 2011 up in Canada...I think this turned out pretty good.

Some Random Markers Sketches

Jason Vorhees, because everybody loves Jason...right?

A Nazi snow zombie from Dead Snow, which I thought was awesome despite it's flaws.

I whipped this up for Valentines Day, I think I should color it and put it on a card or something.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spare Flesh

This is my homeless zombie painting from Art All Night 2009 which I painted with acrylics & intestines on canvas. It's the first ever Art All Night that I participated in & despite not selling this piece there, I was still happy with it.

My buddy Rich Dalzatto owns the piece now, I believe...

My drawing from Art All Night - 2010

I call this piece "So a Zombie Walks into a Bar..."

I did this for the 2010 Art All Night & had a lot of fun drawing it, despite doing it last minute like an idiot...but that's pretty much how I roll.

For the love of C.H.U.D.

I drew this one night after watching C.H.U.D, because I just couldn't help myself...maybe one day I'll come to my senses and draw some more C.H.U.D. & maybe make a comic or something, we'll see.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Big Ass Book of Gross Movie Reviews

Here's the latest illustration I did for my buddy Tim Gross's new book "The Big Ass Book of Gross Movie Reviews" which I here is going to be a gigantic, phone book sized monstrosity of death that you could probably beat somebody up with (although I don't recommend doing that, unless they deserve it:)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bloodtype Online flyer I drew last year...

I drew up this flyer to help my friend Ed Demko promote his site Blood Type Online, which has some of the best reviews of cult & exploitation films, among other things. And I made this for the 2010 September Horror Realm show depicting Belial because of the awesome Basket Case reunion that happened there.

Horror Realm Spring Break Massacre Poster

Designed & drew this to help promote the Zombie Gras Spring Session of Horror Realm 2011. Everything was drawn by hand, including the lettering, which the whole image was colored with fancy filters were used or any crap like that.